Part II: The Role of Record Labels

Continued from Part I: The Role of Record Labels….

Think U2.. ONE
Music is one of the hardest industries to crack.

We’ve got a small population is Australia. Look at our charts, we’re competing with an abundance of
internationally acts. Make the job for scouting and decision making ‘easier’.

If you’re planning a mission to hit all the labels with your music, please, for goodness sake, be professional!
You get one shot.

Get It Right…
I was foolish to think and at times even suggest, “Hey, send a demo to the label!”
If it’s not ready to go, then don’t bother. That’s what ‘they’ said, quote “It has to be your best work.”
You’ll get tired of reading this, but it’s not always the case. I like a nice acoustic recording, but you should be prepared. So don’t slump over the keyboard depressed, keep reading and learn!

When mailing a demo, the receiver is expecting something of high quality. You may think the
acoustics were ‘rad’, but they don’t want to listen to songs you’ve recorded in the bathroom!
The ‘product’ needs to be as finished as possible.
Again, not always the case (I need to always reiterate that), but it’s a more common train-of-thought and
most practical way of getting a foot in the door.

Lovely Stories Were Shared…..
Demo was sent.
Artist was great!
Songs were brilliant!!
Label’s ears pricked up!!!
They want more information!!!!

No contact details attached… (dorks)….

Please, don’t embarrass me.
It can simply be your myspace or website address. Make sure there’s a way of contacting you.
So many artists have missed out because they forgot the most basic and essential piece of information!

How Does This Sound?
So you can write like Shakespeare and play like a hero, good for!
Make sure you know WHAT you want to sound like.
If your music is all over the shop then step back and take some time out.
There needs to be consistency in your music.
The album you’re creating is a book, every song a chapter bridging the next.
Starting with a pop/acoustic track and finishing with rock/metal isn’t versatile, it’s confusing.
With that said, if you can manage a hybrid of styles, knowing when to accelerate and when to pull back
without it being conflicting or ‘mashy’, awesome. Sign me up.

Last metaphor:
It’s like a river, it can flow with a few highs and a few lows, but the tide needs to pull you in one direction.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What Look Will They Adore..?
What image are you after?
Are you the pin-up country singer in leather, donning a cowboy hat or the country singer looking
like you’re part of a bikie gang? Figure it out.
The label can’t ‘comfortably’ help you with the image if you have no clue yourself.

Continued in Part III….

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