Facebook Like a Ninja With These Keyboard Shortcuts

  Click here for original article by Amy-Mae Elliott at Mashable Take a look through our quick and easy guide to get you started. Please share in the comments below any other time-saving Facebook shortcuts you know. The shortcuts are browser-specific, so you’ll need to memorize the relevant key sequence for the browser you use from the list below. Pick Your Browser Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + [key stroke], then Enter Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + [key stroke] Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + [key stroke] Safari for... Read The Rest →

Music Publishing & Distribution

Hey folks, Here’s another batch of bullet points & notes taken from ‘FACE THE MUSIC CONFERENCE’. Once again, I’m simply relaying what was said. Don’t use this as Gospel, it’s just a guide. When it comes to all that lovely legal talk, always ask a professional! “Legalities of Publishing, Recording and Distribution” Copyright There’s two components to Copyright.

Part III: The Role of Records Labels

continued from Part II…. What is the A and Errrr…? Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Apart from finding you and/or being ‘assigned’ to you, this helpful third person ‘bridges’ the gap between you and the label. Hooray! A&R helps you with the process once signed. The may assist in the consistency of tracks on an album and or that of the transition from one album to the next. Making sure that if it goes right and not too far off course, you’re happy, label’s happy, fans are happy and still following!

Part II: The Role of Record Labels

Continued from Part I: The Role of Record Labels…. Think U2.. ONE Music is one of the hardest industries to crack. We’ve got a small population is Australia. Look at our charts, we’re competing with an abundance of internationally acts. Make the job for scouting and decision making ‘easier’. If you’re planning a mission to hit all the labels with your music, please, for goodness sake, be professional! You get one shot. Get It Right… I was foolish to think and at times even suggest, “Hey, send a demo to... Read The Rest →

Part I: The Role of Record Labels

Welcome to the first part of my ‘constructive notes’, penned whilst attending ‘Face The Music 09’ Conference. I transcribed as much information as possible, so I can help you develop as an artist/band and give you some sort guidance as to how to get your music out there. Blogs to be posted are about the following: • ‘The Roll of Record Labels in Developing Artists Careers’ • ‘Music Publishing and Distribution’ • ‘Business Models For Indie Artists’ PLEASE remember, these are guides only. My shorthand is rusty and I don’t own a dictaphone. Don’t... Read The Rest →