You’ve probably figured out we specialise in graphic design, but we offer a number of other things too! Let’s break it down…


Graphic Design

The visual representation of your brand is important. From the colours you choose to your fonts and graphics, they are how your audience identifies who you are and what you represent. As a Graphic Designer in Melbourne, we can help find the right visual representation for your brand with the design of your logo, corporate branding and marketing. We can also help clearly communicate your brand through your promotional material including posters and flyers, annual reports, brochures, stationery, print advertising, packaging, enviro signage and much more. [sws_divider_basic]

Design Consultancy

Approaching the design stage of your project can be difficult! Knowing what you need, where to start, how you prepare and who to go to can be daunting if you have no experience. Fortunately, Creative United is here to help you! We can sit down with you, listen to your ideas and goals and create a plan and process that works for you and your budget. We guarantee that you’ll walk away with a clearer direction and a great solution to achieving your branding needs. First hour is $90, every hour after that is $50


Web Design

Your website represents your product or service online. A poor looking website can immediately create the wrong impression for your brand. We can help make that first impression strong by designing your website so it visually represents your brand and delivers a unified message consistent across all your marketing material. [sws_divider_basic]

Sound Check

We love music and although our dreams of tasting the fruit of rock stardom has long past us, we’re happy to help in making yours come alive!
Creative United can help give you the right visual representation for your musical style and image. Whatever budget you have, we can help find the right solution for you needs. From album artwork, jewel cases to digipaks, band logos, t-shirts, basic myspace skins and promotional artwork, we’ll help find the right concept to represent and promote your music.
Click here to check out our Soundbooth page for basic starter design packages.


We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just joined forces with one of Australia’s best and most experienced mastering team, Crystal Mastering! So now, when you get your artwork designed by us, you receive 10% OFF your mastering session when you book your album with Crystal Mastering.

Click here to check out the Soundbooth page for terms and conditions.

We can also organize the CD duplication/replication if required. Check out our Soundbooth page for terms and conditions and more details.


In addition to helping you with your design, we can also help provide you with costings for printing, packaging, digital requirements, web development, etc. There’s no obligation to use these services but if you wanted to take the stress off having to manage the whole project, Creative United can make your life a little easier! [sws_divider_basic]

We’re Global

Thanks to the web, we have clients all around the world! Your location is not an issue because we can connect with you no matter where you’re located. Simply click here to contact us through our website and we’ll reply to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, if you would like to chat to us, we can arrange a time to chat over Skype. Once we connect with you, we can work together to bring your project to life. During the project, we will continually keep you involved every step of the way so your needs are fully met.